Visual Art Mentoring

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"Jen Goss tutored me for several months, and within a short period of time she taught me valuable information which helped to prepare a portfolio for  my higher education in the arts. She understands the individual artist's need to develop a voice, not only through skill but through vision.”                    

    Màiri Naismith , student London College of Fashion, University of the Arts,London 

"Jennifer Goss is the single most important creative voice in my life.  She is the reason that I decided to overcome my trepidation and pick up a paintbrush even though I was approaching my 40th birthday.  She is the reason that I didn’t give up.  She is the reason that I am at the Art Academy, London, learning how to be a painter.  She has a true gift for encouragement."

   Monica Callaghan, mother and art student, Art Academy, London,England

"Jennifer entered my life at a very pivotal time. The lack of direction I felt was paralyzing and I didn't have the time and energy it took to change where I was in life. The encouragement and insight that Jennifer relayed helped me to better understand how to move forward. She didn't try to mold me into what she was or teach me how to paint like she paints but guided me towards who I am meant to be as an artist and understanding my own language as an artist."

   Alyssa Smith, art educator and graduate student , New York Academy of Art 

"I have known Jennifer Goss for almost 10 years now and in all that time in our different spheres
of painting and drawing, on either side of the Atlantic,  I have not met a better artist in either media group; 
no one more insightful, gesturally expressive or committed to the power of being an artist. (And I know  
a lot of artists).  At heart of this true painter is in fact a great respectful heart; a heart for her subject matter,  

 her medium, for her students and those fortunate persons whose paths cross with hers, any where in the 
world. Only a teacher like this can respect the unique languages of visual expression given differently to each of us. 

Anyone working with her as mentor will be fortunate indeed."
  James Tughan, Executive Director; The Semaphore Fellowship International, Toronto, Canada

“Your help has made a huge difference in my paintings.  Talking directly with you, one-on-one, was the key. I really appreciate that you took the time to explain the “principles of seeing”. That has given me so much freedom.  I hope to do this again soon.”                                                               

  Michael Chomse, Artist and Documentary filmmaker, Johannesburg, South Africa