Visual Art Mentoring

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Art School Preparation

Are you confused as to the best route for your graduate for their continued art education?

One of the most difficult transitions in the academic art world is the move for a student from a high-school art environment to a fully-fledged University Arts Campus or Fine Arts Atelier. The first major hurdle, and often the one that bars the student from entry, is the successful preparation of the Artschool Portfolio. 

Jennifer is highly skilled, empathetic and has a successful track-record in up-skilling students for this make-or-break transition into the professional world of art. Alyssa, thanks to her MFA from one of the most prestigious of the New York Art Colleges, has first-hand experience on portfolio preparation and presentation.  

Both women, with many years of teaching under their belt, can help guide the aspiring student, and parents, to navigate this complex and unnerving rite of passage.