Visual Art Mentoring

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About the Mentors


Jennifer Goss ( 

has been working as a professional artist, teacher and creative mentor in Africa and Europe for the past 25 years. Hailing from the United States, Jennifer holds a degree in Art Education from Maryland Institute College of Art (1986). 

Throughout her travels, she has seen the need for one-on-one dialogue and encouragement of artists by mentors. She has specialized in nurturing creative talent across cultural and geographical divides. She has worked with artists, literally, from Cape to Cairo, and most recently with students at the University of Sulimanya in Northern Iraq. Currently she has settled her atelier in the second             oldest city in France, beautiful Beziers. 

Jennifer is looking forward to facilitating your creative journey either in person in her atelier or in an online mentoring environment.


Alyssa Smith is a practicing artist and art educator. She received her BA in Art Education from Taylor University in the U.S. in 2006. Since 2007 she both painted and taught in the USA and in Germany at High School level. She returned to the States to receive her Masters in Fine Art from the New York Academy in 2015 and is now qualified to teach at University level. 

Born in France and having resided in both Europe and the States, she has a unique understanding of the value of visual arts in expressing oneself in transition and across cultures. 

She is currently residing in Marseilles, France, and will be available online to facilitate portfolio consultations, personal mentoring and coaching. 

Alyssa is bilingual in French and English.

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