Visual Art Mentoring

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About On Line Mentoring

 What is Online Mentoring ?

Do you want to speak through your art?

Do you need to develop a portfolio for art school?

Do you need help thru the dark spaces?

Are you struggling to understand your own visual language?

Right now you might be searching for your own artistic identity, your own visual language. Jennifer and Alyssa can help you in the same way they have helped others across the world. Prior to starting your online mentoring meetings, they will either look at an ‘online portfolio’ of your work or you may have a one-to-one consultation with Jennifer in her Beziers atelier.  Jennifer will lead you into fresh insights on your artistic process, whether you are a professional, amateur or art student. Both Jennifer and Alyssa are trained to help you ‘see’ from different perspectives.  One-to-one, they will work together with you to help you find your unique voice.

 Are you stuck? 

Sometimes, it just takes another trained eye to help you navigate specific mediums or techniques. One-to-one, Jennifer can evaluate your problem area and then give you solid advice and suggest workable solutions. She has trained and taught in all mediums, and  knows how to help you deal with any area of difficulty relating to your current work.

Are you bored or burned-out with your work as an artist?  One-to-one, Jennifer can revitalise your relationship with your visual language, help you to work with a fresh eye, and gain a new perspective. Together with you, she can help you to design projects which will illuminate your path through the dark places on your artistic you bored or burned-out with your work as an artist?  One-on-one, Jennifer can revitalise your relationship with your visual language, help you to work with fresh eyes, a gain new perspectives . Together, she can help you to design different projects which will illuminate your path through the dark places on your artistic journey.  

Step 1: 
Start by filling in the Initial Questions using the link on the Contact Us page. You will receive the Visual Arts Mentoring Dropbox address in reply.  Use this address to drop good pictures of your current work or an image of the painting/s that you are having a problem with. Please send pictures that are at least 1000-pixels in width, and that are in sharp focus and evenly lit. That’ll help us both.

Step 2:
After completing your initial consultation, you can liaise with Jennifer or Alyssa for your next one-on-one consultation. The cost will be 45 euro per half-hour payable on Paypal or by check, in advance.

Please use the secure Paypal account on the Web Store for all payments.

Please note - Jennifer meets for a maximum of 1-hour per session online, unless it’s a one-to-one consultation at her Beziers atelier.