Visual Art Mentoring

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 What is online mentoring ?

Are you struggling to understand your own visual language?

Right now you might be searching for your own ‘identity’ your own visual language. Jennifer can help you find your personal voice in the same way she has helped many others across the world.  Prior to starting your online mentoring meetings, she will look at "an electronic portfolio of your work" and then she will set up an appointment. During your direct consultations, Jennifer will  lead you into fresh insights about  your current stage in your artistic process  and as visual communicator. Using your work and a variety of other visual references she will help you to ‘see’ from different perspectives.  One-on-one,  we will  work together to find your unique voice. 

 Are you stuck? Do you need help with technique or essential elements of visual art and design?

Sometimes, it just takes another eye that has been trained to help navigate specific mediums or techniques. One-on-one, Jennifer can evaluate your ‘problem area’ then give you solid advice and suggest workable solutions. She has  trained and taught in all mediums, and  knows how to help you deal with any area of difficulty relating to your current work.

Do you have a desire to move forward with your art?

Are you bored or burned-out with your work as an artist?  One-on-one, Jennifer can revitalise your relationship with your visual language, help you to work with fresh eyes, a gain new perspectives . Together, she can help you to design different projects which will illuminate your path through the dark places on your artistic journey.